Costa Rica Farms

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San Gerardo de La Tigra

Three parcels of 5 hectares each (12.47 acres)


The farm de La Tigra

49.7 hectares (123 acres) divided into 11 parcels, 9 of 5 hcts (12.47 acres) and 2 of 2.35 hcts.

Potable water is available and electricity is at the lower part of the farm. Vegetation is primary forest, second growth forest and macadamia trees.

Located 3.7 kilometers (2.3 miles) on a rock road from (and 1000 feet in elevation above) La Tigra. The average farm elevation is 650 meters (2140 feet) above sea level.

All of the parcels, at one end, adjoin or have road frontage with the Childrens Eternal Rainforest (administered by the Monteverde League of Conservation). At the other end of each parcel is the La Tigra river corridor, connecting the cloudforest with the lowland rainforest. Eventually this corridor will connect the isolated patches of rainforest all the way to Nicaragua.

All parcels have great views of the forest to the west, sunrise over an extinct volcano to the east and the lowland plains of San Carlos to the north.

Los Cerritos de La Tigra

49 acre macadamia farm.


The farm has been managed organically for the last 6 years. It has 1400 trees on 20 acres of land. It has plenty of creeks, a pond, electricity and a simple house with a garage/work area. There is also 29 acres of forest that is part of the wildlife corridor.

Los Cerritos de La Tigra


7 acre farm of income producing ornamental plants and forest.

Within 200 meters of the Childrens Eternal Rainforest. There is good access, potable spring water and electricity.