Costa Rica

is an awesome playground for ecologicaly minded travelers, surfers, romantics, savvy real estate investors, and wild adventurers looking for fun. One of the last places on earth where peace and tranquility prevail. Real estate prices have fallen and are now reasonable. Where to live? Where to invest? These questions and more must be answered in a complex and shifting world economy.


Most people think of the tropics as a place of naked bodies dancing tell dawn, drunken college students passed out in the sun and old men fishing from powerful boats. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Much of central america is highlands where year round moderate climates make living easy. One never needs air conditioning or heating and a sweater is worn a few days of the year.
Food grows easily and love flourishes naturally.
The Cool Tropics – that’s where we are!


i have been enjoying Nicaragua. I visit Granada, Nicaragua because the town has a lively expat scene, great restaurants, quality inexpensive hotels and fun nightlife. Granada is right on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, the largest fresh water lake in central america and one of the largest in latin america. Granada does not have the crime problem that plagues Managua, but eventually one would get bored hanging around the same town square watching the same people and predictable tourists meandering by. Nearby is Masaya a larger town by size but smaller for tourism.